Veri Shades in Gold Coast


Luxurious & Functional

Beautifully soft and luxurious, Veri shades mimic the look and feel of a curtain, hanging beautifully from a single top rod and featuring soft fabrics. Elegant and versatile, these shades are a new concept that provide the option of having full cover or sheer transparency, as you choose.

Veri Shades use a single track, giving you more space in your rooms and only taking up half the space to achieve the same results from curtains. The soft fabric hangs beautifully, works with a wide range of interior design styles, are UV stabilised, making them resistant to fading, and they’re fire retardant.
Veri Shades With Lamp — Carefree Interiors in Mermaid Waters, QLD


Veri shades have alternating thick and light fabrics that block and allow light. You can get optimal light control for soft or bright light through glass doors or tall windows. Simply by turning the wand you can adjust the shades to control the light to suit, giving you the privacy of curtains, the choice of having soft, filtered light and the ability to allow in all the light.


Switch from opaque to translucent with one swift flick of the control wand. Turning the wand twists the fabric to block light or allow in more light through the sheet fabric sections. Opening and closing the shades is just as simple because they’re attached to a single top sliding rod.
Veri Shades — Carefree Interiors in Mermaid Waters, QLD
Beige Veri Shades — Carefree Interiors in Mermaid Waters, QLD


Veri Shades provide the perfect combination of functionality paired with sophistication. At Carefree Interiors we make it easy for you to have both at the same time. With Veri Shades you can have the elegance of curtains with the convenience of vertical blinds.